Iraq’s Tourist Highlights

There are no shortages of things to see in Iraq. The country that was once and still is known as the Earth’s First Civilization has plenty of historic and cultural things to see. One site you must see when traveling to Iraq is the National Museum of Iraq. Located inside this museum are priceless collections of artifacts and the hands of Victory Arches. Currently there are talks by some vested Iraqi parties as to whether or not the arches should stay as an historical site or if they should be taken down.


A landmark worth seeing is the Two Level Bridge in Jadriya. This bridge was in the making since before Saddam Hussein took over in 1979. But as part of the reconstruction of the city, the bridge was built and now connects to Al-Doura and Baghdad. Most of the sites that you see today have been in some part affected by the conflict. The Baghdad Zoo was one of the largest zoos in the Middle East but during the invasion in 2003 only about 35 of the 650 animals survived.


The Zoo was ordered to be placed under protection and soon the American Engineers helped to reopen the facility. Some of the other interesting sites to see are the Baghdad Train Station, The Ctesiphon. The Monument of the Unknown Soldier.


If you want to see more culture, visit the Sacred City of Shiites, Najaf. There are a few mosques located in that area, if you search enough you will find the sacred tomb of the Ali ibn Abi Talib who was the founder of the Shiites. The city of Mosul was built in a maze formation; if you walk around the city’s narrow streets you will see where Muslin Cotton started.


If you are looking for some true history, visit the oldest city in Iraq, the Arbil. This city dates back to 10,000 years ago. The city is still inhabited, you can really learn a lot about how the city started and how it has progressed throughout the years.


Iraq has some really great tourists spots and they are fun to see and you really can learn a lot about the country that there are hundreds of misconceptions about. Iraq really has a great history and it is worth seeing. Though some of these sites we mentioned may have some damage to them from the war but it only adds to the history of the site.

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