Iraq Travel for Americans – Is it possible?

There used to be a time when Iraq was accessible in the travel world. There are some people who get to travel to Iraq and they come home perfectly safe but as Americans, is it safe? It is not safe for anyone to travel to Iraq but it is especially not safe for  Americans. There are constant high threats of terror attacks and a high risk of becoming a kidnap victim or a murder victim.


A misconception is that terrorists are only after military personnel in Iraq, but it is simply not true. Kidnappers and murders are always looking for ways to make the Iraqi government fail as well as wanting to force United States Troops and Coalition forces out of the country. There are security teams available for hire in Iraq but it is costly and they cannot guarantee your 100% safety.




The conditions are unsafe on the ground, but any civilian aircrafts are also at risk for being shot down by missiles. The road from Baghdad and the Baghdad International Airport is unsafe as well. There are car bombs and hijackings there on a weekly basis. In addition to the many terrorist threats that happen everyday, Americans and others should not travel to Iraq, the water is not safe, the food is not safe and even the hotels that you choose to stay at are not safe.


Iraq is an active earthquake zone and sand and dust storms happen there on a daily basis. Based on these facts alone, Iraq is a risk on a good day. All government officials warn against tourist traveling to Iraq especially Americans. The Middle East is not a place for Westerners to begin with.


You will have to obtain a Visa in order to get into the country. This is not an easy task especially if you are an American. The only place to get these Visas are at the Iraqi Embassies in Paris, London and Washington DC.


There are just so many things that can wrong in Iraq that at the current time, it is not recommended that anyone travel there. Iraq has some interesting history and Baghdad is a historical city but for the time being, it is not feasible for Americans to travel there. Make a few phone calls and see what the risks are and see if you are willing to tak

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